Dr. Alison Barulich, Clinic Director

Alison Barulich was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. She attended the University of Missouri as an undergraduate then veterinary student. She was active in many organizations in veterinary school, including being president of a pet therapy organization, a member of many national veterinary organizations, and was even a cyclist on the Vet Med Cycling Team. She completed a number of externships with several private practices, two animal shelters, and an avian (bird) practice. She graduated in 2011 as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and has been practicing in the Branson area since April 2011.

​Dr. Alison has been actively involved with and is a supporter of several Branson area animal shelters. She was a member of the Board of Directors of the Tri-Lakes Humane Society from 2012  until she resigned to be able to spend more time with family in 2018.

Dr. Alison and her family

Along with her husband, Jordan, she has two young children, Anthony and Kate. She also has a menagerie of personal pets including the a canine personal trainer, 4 mischievous cats, and the infamous umbrella cockatoo, Peanut.

Dr. Alison is passionate about providing the best veterinary care and client service available. She enjoys working with dogs, cats, and parrot species. She has specific interests in managing geriatric and hospice pets, working up challenging internal medicine/endocrine diseases, and shelter medicine. Dr. Alison is a member of the American Associaton of Feline Practitioners, and our clinic is proud to be an official “Cat-Friendly Practice”.





Dr Alison and Peanut

Dr. Alison with Maude

Baby Anthony