Community Cat Coalition Update

Patients #21 and #22 have been neutered through our Community Cat Coalition project! Our local animal control brought in these unadoptable cats for surgery and vaccination, then they will release them back as part of our ongoing community “Trap-Neuter-Release” project. Both these boys great for their surgeries, and have been recovering smoothly post-op in our quiet isolation room. Like the 20 kitties before them, their left ear was “tipped” with our surgical laser as a visible sign that they’ve been “fixed.”

Please check out a recent study proving the benefits of Trap-Neuter-Release efforts by scientists from the Great Basin Bird Observatory, Conservationist Planning Specialist Group, Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs, Illinois State Museum, ASPCA, The University of Florida, and Hunter College.

Thanks again to our wonderful donors for your support of this special project: Jim & Michelle Acheson, Dr. Laura McCann, Dr. Holly Wherry, Sherie Snider, Candace Harris, Laura Knight, Denise Ussery, Luanne & Jimmy Nosko, MaryAnn Rickets, John Andes, Doug Clifford, Wanda Howell, Doug Remmell, Linda Christian, Cheryl LaRose, and Gail Lesnasky. These surgeries wouldn’t be possible without you!

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