Our facilities were designed and built by Dr. Patrick Parnell in 1985. The clinic was designed to meet AAHA accreditation standards (AAHA is the American Animal Hospital Association and has set the standard for veterinary excellence). We strive to provide a warm, friendly environment while maintaining the most modern veterinary facility available in order to best serve our clients and patients. The clinic is located on the lower floor of Parnell Terrace just off College Street in Historic Downtown Branson.

1. Parnell Terrace

Parnell Terrace was built in 1986 and houses the Animal Care Clinic along with several other offices. Our building is located 1 block west of Business 65 off College Street in the Historic Downtown Branson area. We’re just across College Street from  Branson City Hall & Police Station.

2. Reception Area

You and your pet’s comfort is important to us, and you will always find a cup of coffee and friendly smile to brighten your day and make your visit more pleasant. We make every effort to stay on schedule, so our patients are rarely asked to spend any time in the reception area before moving into their examination room.

3. Examination Rooms

Our exam rooms were designed with you and your pet’s comfort in mind. Our feline exam room contains a Feliway diffuser, and there are Adaptil diffusers in our canine exam rooms to help keep your furry kid relaxed during his exam. The rooms are fully stocked with educational materials and lots of treats to help every visit be as informative and pleasant as possible.

4. Surgery Suite

Behind the scenes, our facility is fully capable of providing high quality veterinary care for your pet. Our dedicated Operating Room has state-of-the art surgical and monitoring equipment to provide the safest surgical experience and most comfortable recovery possible.

5. Lab Area & Pharmacy

Our state-of-the-art lab equipment allows us to run full bloodwork profiles, urinalyses, fecals, cytology samples, and even blood clotting times! Our pharmacy is kept fully stocked with preventative care items to help keep your pets healthy and medications to help treat illnesses and pain.

6. Treatment Area

Our treatment area is used extensively from everything from blood draws and nail trims to anesthesia induction and dental cleanings!

7. Recovery Area & Hospital Wards

Our patients are kept in comfortable, warm wards during hospitalization stays or while recovering from anesthesia. We use several layers of bedding and strive to keep the area calm and quiet to help prevent any stress or anxiety while our patient is with us. The recovery area is at the heart of our clinic to allow our veterinary team to closely monitor patients throughout their stay with us.

8. Isolation Suite

Patients being treated for an infectious disease like Canine Parvovirus or a Feline Upper Respiratory Infection are kept in a special section inside our hospital to allow the best possible care of the patient while keeping other pets safe. This room features completely separate ventilation, it’s own set of sterilized hospital equipment, and a sterilization footbath.