2019 is off to a great start here at the Animal Care Clinic, and we wanted to share our Community Cat Coalition updates with you! For those of you that are new to us or haven’t heard about this yet–our Community Cat Coalition project is a special fund supported by generous community donors and our clinic to cover the costs of spays, neuters, and rabies vaccinations for area stray and feral cats. This special tomcat was our 8th patient through this project, and we’re happy to report he’s headed back to his neighborhood with an exceptionally dedicated caretaker (who even built him a modern-style, 2-room house with heater/thermostat, and “room service” when the weather is bad!).

Please reach out if you know of any un-owned cats in the area that could use our help! Give us a call, email, or find us on Facebook. And please help us share the word by letting your friends and neighbors know about our Community Cat Coalition! We currently have funding for 20-25 more patients.

Thank you so much to our generous sponsors–this project wouldn’t be possible without you!

Jim, Michelle, Hello Kitty, and Empress Clawdia Acheson

Dr. Holly Wherry

Linda Christian

Dr. Laura McCann

Doug Clifford

Sherie Snider

Candace Harris

John Andes

Doug Remmell

Cheryl LaRose

Luanne & Jimmy Nosko

Lisa Swigert

Laura Knight

Denise Ussery

MaryAnn Rickets

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