Patient number 3 – an older tomcat with lots of battle wounds, fleas, ear mites… has been neutered, vaccinated, and even treated for parasites. He is recovering well and is going to be released after his 24 hour hold.


Attempted patient number 4 walked himself up to our clinic yesterday. Fortunately he was already neutered and had a microchip. His owners were located and he has been returned home 

Our Missouri application for non-profit organization status has been submitted, and we are working on constructing by-laws and other less glamorous organizational stuff.

Thank you again to our financial supporters: Hello Kitty Acheson, Dr. Laura McCann, Sherie Snider, Laura Knight, Lisa Swigert, Dr. Holly Wherry, and Denise Ussery! Also, thank you to Susan Helms for donating a live trap–we’ve already put it to use!

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