What is a Preventive Care Plan?

A Preventive Care Plan is a set of services that includes specific wellness care for a specific pet based on her age, breed, and lifestyle for 12 months. Preventive Care Plans make it possible for you to pay for your pet’s preventive care needs in 12 monthly installments. Members also receive free doctor examinations and membership discounts on most products and services.

How can a Preventive Care Plan (PCP) save me money?

Let’s say your dog gets an ear infection and you need to bring her in for an examination with Dr. Alison. For dogs on a PCP, that exam fee will be waived. The standard price is $49. Before we begin diagnosing the cause of the infection, you’ve already saved $49!

Guidelines to diagnose an ear infection advise us to perform an ear swab cytology to determine the cause of the infection. An ear cleaning is also likely required. Depending on the diagnosis, Dr. Alison may prescribe or administer medications. Diagnosing and treating an ear infection can range from $100-$165 depending on the medications required for treatment. Pets on a PCP get a 10-20% discount on most products and services, so you’d save an additional $10-$33!

That’s a savings of $59-$82 on diagnosis and treatment of a common medical issue in dogs.​

I can have free office visits if my pet is on a Preventive Care Plan?

That’s correct! If your dog is having a medical issue, there is no reason to wait to bring her in. All exam fees are waived for any pet on a Preventive Care Plan. This includes initial medical problem exams, medical progress exam (re-check exams), and pre-anesthetic exams.

What do the Out-Of-Plan Discounts cover?

Any pet on a plan is eligible for a discount on most services and products. This includes diagnostic testing, heartworm preventatives, flea & tick preventatives, medications, supplements, and treats!

Only pets on a plan are eligible for discounts. If you have other pets in your household, they must be on a plan to be eligible for discounts.

At this time, therapeutic diets and retail diets are not eligible for discounts. Purchases made through our 3rd-party online pharmacy, Vet’s First Choice, are not eligible for discounts.​

What is the One-Time Membership Fee?

The membership fee helps us cover the costs to administer the plans and accept recurring monthly payments with credit/debit cards. Administration of the plans include tracking all the services that have been used and remain unused for each patient throughout the plan year. This fee is only paid once unless you cancel your plan.

Do I have to pay the One-Time Membership Fee?

No! If you choose to pay for your pet’s plan up front, we’ll waive it for you! ​

Is there a multi-pet discount on these Preventive Care Plans?

Yes! The membership fee for the first pet is $39. We’ll reduce the membership fee to $34 per pet for each additional pet.

What if I want to continue my plan after the first year?

Your plan will automatically renew after the first year unless you cancel the plan with at least a 30-day notice. There is no renewal fee to continue your plan. There is also no fee if you choose to move up to a more advanced plan for your pet on the renewal date.

What if I want to switch to monthly payments after the first year?

If you wish to switch from up-front payment to monthly payments, the membership fee will need to be paid. The membership fee covers the costs of collecting automated recurring payments with a credit/debit card. You will only have to pay this fee once unless you cancel and restart your plan.​

What if I don’t use all the services in the plan?

We’ll send you reminders for routine preventive care like vaccinations and tick-disease screening. However, it’s up to you to fully utilize all the features of the plan. There are no refunds for unused services.

What payment methods are accepted for these plans?

At this time, only credit or debit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express) are accepted for our Preventive Care Plans. We will set up recurring monthly payments with your preferred card in the clinic.​

Are the plans like insurance for my pet?

These plans are not meant to be an insurance policy for your pet. The discounts only apply to most products and services at our clinic. The discounts included in our preventive care plans will not be honored by specialty clinics, emergency clinics, other primary care clinics. Plus, the discounts would only cover up to 20% of the costs of a major medical issue, while insurance usually covers a much larger portion of the necessary care.  Insurance policies that cover accidents, illnesses, and chronic conditions are a great idea to work in tandem with our Preventive Care Plans.

What happens if I move away, my pet passes away, or I want to cancel my plan for any reason after I’ve used some of the services in the plan?

You have three options in these scenarios.

1) You can pay the standard price for all the services you’ve used up to this point. The standard prices can be found on your invoice(s).

2) You can pay the sum of the remaining monthly payments in a lump sum and be done with the plan.

3) You can maintain the recurring monthly payment schedule and inform us of your wishes to cancel. We’ll collect the remaining payments and then stop when the final payment has been collected for the plan year.

Note: If your pet is enrolled in a plan, Animal Care Clinic is agreeing to provide only the services listed in the plan of your choice as requested by you. You are agreeing to pay a specific amount, either in monthly installments or a lump sum. The agreement is to last a minimum of 12 full months.

What happens if I move away or want to cancel my plan before I’ve used any of the services in the plan?

If you cancel before any services have been used, the entire amount paid for the current year will be refunded, minus the Membership Fee and 5% of all payments collected to cover credit/debit card processing fees and administration costs.