1. Get Snuggly – The most obvious and by far the easiest way to show your companion animal how much you love her is with petting and cuddles.

2. A M…assage – This helps to lower their blood pressure and acts as the perfect opportunity to check for lumps, bumps or any other sores that may need medical attention.

3. Medical Attention – Make sure your pet has the healthcare he deserves. Semi-annual visits, heartworm and intestinal parasite prevention, and regular dental cleanings are a great way to show your pet you care!

4. Strike Up a Conversation – You may feel silly, but your pets love it when you talk to them. Over time you will learn to understand and respond appropriately when you’re pet attempts to tell you something.

5. Play Time – It’s not just kittens and puppies that want to play. Older pets still enjoy interactive play time and it’s a great way to build confidence and keep them stimulated!

6. Tasty Treats – The ideal treat for your animal friends should be small (pleasure not sustenance), healthy (specially formulated for their nutritional needs), rare (it is a treat after all) and of course delicious! See More

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