Does Trifexis really kill dogs, or is the media just preying on the emotions of dog lovers?

FACTS Pet Owners Should Know About Trifexis:
-Trifexis has been tested and approved as safe by the US FDA and many other countries around the world.
-In the US alone, more than 70 million doses of Trifexis have been dispensed, giving us confidence in the safety and effectiveness of our #1 recommended canine parasite preventative.
-Since Trifexis became available in January 2011, ALL potential adverse side effects in every patient have been reported to the FDA and appropriately investigated. There is NO link established between Trifexis use and death, though there have been well-publicized misrepresentations of this fact.
-The threat of heartworm disease is very real. More than 1 million dogs have this difficult-to-treat and sometimes fatal disease.

As pet lovers, we’re sure you understand the loss of a pet is incredibly difficult. Every pet owner responds differently as they grieve. We believe the recurrent negative media coverage of Trifexis is grounded in grief, as it is clearly not based on facts.

In a broadcast that aired in Atlanta late last year, WSB-TV featured 3 cases in which the reporter attempted to connect the dogs’ death to the use of Trifexis. There was no established link between Trifexis use and deaths, despite the reporter’s repeated attempts to make that connection. In fact, independent pathology reports on the autopsies of those patients confirmed that the deaths were totally unrelated to Trifexis usage.

Now, occasional “news reports” continue to be featured on the same topic, continuing to insinuate that Trifexis is linked to deaths by other causes. These reporters are playing on emotions of pet owners and discounting facts and science, despite repeated efforts to educate them on the details related to Trifexis and the specific incidents they include in their shows.

These details are publicly available. The official pathologist reports show complicating medical factors, like congenital heart disease, in these patients.

Trifexis has been rigorously tested and approved as safe by the U.S. FDA, the European Medicines Agency, and many other countries around the world to kill fleas and prevent infestations, to treat and control intestinal parasites, and to prevent heartworm disease.

Our veterinary team has complete confidence in the safety and efficacy of Trifexis. We continue to use it to protect our own beloved canine friends, and we will continue to recommend it as our #1 monthly preventative for most dogs.

If you have any questions about your pet’s monthly preventatives, heartworm disease, intestinal parasites, or fleas, please talk to your veterinarian. PLEASE do not discontinue parasite preventatives and allow your pet to fall victim to a horrible disease like a heartworm infestation.

-Your friends at the Animal Care Clinic

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