We’ve had tons of questions this week about the ongoing outbreak of Dog Flu. Here’s what we know: An Asian strain of Canine Influenza, H3N2, is causing a respiratory disease outbreak in Chicago. This is not the strain included in the available canine influenza vaccine against the H3N8 strain, and it is not yet known if the vaccination can prevent the new strain of dog flu. There is no evidence that it can infect humans; although it does appear that it can infect and cause respiratory disease in cats. We do not know of any cases of this disease in our area.

Anyone with concerns about their pet’s health, or whose pet is showing symptoms of canine influenza, should contact their veterinarian. Symptoms of the disease may include a soft, moist cough or dry cough similar to that induced by kennel cough; discharge from the nose or eyes; sneezing; lethargy; low-grade fever; and loss of appetite.

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