In order to prevent unwanted litters and to help curb the severe stray and unwanted cat population in our area, the Animal Care Clinic joins in with several national organizations, including the American Veterinary Medical Assocation (AVMA), the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), and the CATalyst Council in recommending spays and neuters of cats not intended for breeding be completed PRIOR TO 5 MONTHS OF AGE.

Unwanted pregnancies can occur as early as 4 months. Spaying kittens prior to the first heat cycle reduces risk of breast cancer and reproductive emergencies like pyometra and dystocia. Early spays and neuters may reduce the risk of several problem behaviors. Current evidence has not found increased surgical or anesthetic risks in pediatric and juvenile cats.

For more information on the Feline Fix by Five campaign, check out:

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