For many people, owning a ferret can bring hours of entertainment and lots of belly laughs. But there are a number of things you should know about these pocket-sized pets before you bring one home. For those interested in owning a ferret, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) now has a video on the AVMA YouTube channel with lots of good advice about ferrets and ho…w to take care of them responsibly.

“Ferrets can be delightful pets, but they have some very unique needs,” explains video host Dr. Valarie Tynes, DVM, DACVB. “There is a lot to consider before adding any pet to your home. Even ferrets have a need for a certain amount of preventive health care.”

Dr. Tynes, a veterinary behaviorist, explains many of the challenges of owning and caring for a ferret. For example, ferrets can be master escape artists that require a great deal of exercise and play. In addition, Dr. Tynes explains the proper way to play with a ferret, how to introduce your new pet to other ferrets, and some of the specific needs required to properly house a ferret.

“Ferrets truly are unique animals. They’re clean, sociable, affectionate, naturally curious and able to establish strong bonds with people,” Dr. Tynes explains. “Ferrets can make excellent house pets, but they require knowledgeable owners who are ultra-responsible because they have some very special needs.”

The AVMA video, “Ferrets 101,” is available for viewing, download and/or embedding from the AVMA’s YouTube channel:

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