A seed mix diet is a horribly inappropriate diet for pet birds. Though commonly fed, most of the problems we see in these patients are related to malnutrition caused by deficiency in many vitamins and minerals. Although research into the nu…tritional needs of our feathered friends is not as advanced as it is for our furry pets, a high-quality, reputable brand’s pelleted diet will lead to a MUCH healthier bird with a greatly reduced risk of a huge number of health problems. Here are just a few of the many health problems seen in pet birds who are fed a seed and/or table food diet:
-liver disease
-retinal degeneration leading to blindness
-cataract formation
-kidney disease
-bone/muscle abnormalities
-obesity or severely underweight body conditions
-abnormal feathering, dull colors
-increased bacterial/fungal infections
-increased susceptibility to cancer
-overgrown beaks, nails, and feet/leg scales
-feather-plucking, self-mutilation
-sores on the feet
-feather cysts
-frequent or incomplete molts
-dry/flaky skin, scales, beak

Our clinic recommends Harrison’s Bird Foods – certified USDA organic, pelleted diets, formulated by Dr. Harrison, the world’s leader in avian medicine in nutrition.

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