Jamilia is a special patient of ours that’s been incredibly resilient through a rough year of medical issues. We diagnosed her with early congestive heart failure based on x-rays when she came in earlier this spring for episodes of labored breathing. She’s been mostly improving over time with a combination of heart medications and a blood thinner to reduce her risk of large blood clots forming in an enlarged heart chamber.

Jamilia also has stage 3 (moderately advanced) chronic kidney disease, which means we’ve had to be more cautious with certain heart medications, but luckily for us, she’s tolerated this unfortunate combination of medical issues very well!

To make her an even more complicated senior patient, Jamilia recently developed severe uveitis (inflammation in her eye) with secondary glaucoma and corneal damage.  Uveitis is usually a visible sign of a systemic infection, but Jamilia tested negative for all the usual suspects like on an extended PCR panel.

Although the underlying cause was not determined, we’re happy to report her inflammation has been steadily improving and the painful high pressure was quickly controlled with a combination of eye medications.

Gold stars and two thumbs up for Jamilia’s diligent and dedicated family for keeping up with 4 heart medications, 3 eye medications, and a difficult dosing schedule with no complaints!

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