Miss Annie, one of our most favorite patients, came in today for her 4th therapeutic laser session to assist her recovery from a painful bulged disk episode last week. We’re expecting a full recovery to her Squirrel Patrol position very soon! Annie is a Schnoodle, and doesn’t she look adorable in those Doggles?

Research and our real-world experience have proven that laser therapy reduces pain and inflammation, controls swelling, and stimulates nerve regrowth and tissue repair. We have loved using our therapeutic laser to help patients in a non-invasive, drug-free way for the past decade!

Laser therapy uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate and modify a patient’s tissues to help reduce pain perception and increase release of endorphins. There are a variety of benefits:

-Improved patient recovery

-Relief of pain, inflammation, and swelling

-Well tolerated by most pets

-No known side effects (with staff training and proper usage!)

-May reduce the need for medications and/or surgery

-Reduced healing time

-No sedation or hair clipping is required

-Fairly quick to administer (approximately 5-10 minutes per site)

There is also a huge range of conditions that can benefit from therapeutic laser:


-Degenerative disc disease (“neck” and “back” dogs like Annie)

-Hip dysplasia

-Skin disorders (such as hot spots, foot lesions, lick granulomas)

-Ear infections

-Oral diseases like feline stomatitis

-Post-op healing (reduces incision pain and inflammation before patient wakes up and improves recovery)

-Acute traumas (such ACL tears)

Talk to us at your pet’s next visit about whether he or she might benefit from this awesome treatment option!

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