This is fun AND good for your pooch! There is a new free iPhone app called “The Fat Dog Diet”, that was developed by a veterinarian to help guide you in a simple way to help you get the pounds off your pup. Given the ever increasing epidemic with overweight pets, you might want to share this with a few select friends and family!

The Fat Dog Diet is a simple iPhone app designed to safely, effectively, and compassionately help dogs lose weight.

To be the tool that makes her feel like a puppy again.

Using the app is as easy as 1-2-3 !

#1 ENTER your dog’s personal information, including his or her name, age, weight, gender, breed, spay/neuter status, preferred food and treats, current shape or target weight, and your vet’s email address (optional but highly recommended!).

#2 RECEIVE a customized list of daily goals for safe and effective weight loss, including food amounts, treat quantities, and recommended minutes of exercise.

#3 RECORD your dog’s daily doings (optional) and weekly weights (NOT optional!).

You’ll also receive a cute weekly prompt to weigh your dog, along with a nudge every couple of weeks so you’ll consider sending your dog’s current weight loss info to your veterinarian or to me (for my research on weight loss in dogs).

The Fat Dog Diet is available at

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