The staff of the Animal Care Clinic is a unique collection of talents, abilities and personalities who share three important qualities:

  • We absolutely adore pets… ours and yours!
  • We absolutely love what we do, and derive great satisfaction from our work.
  • And finally, we are absolutely determined to be the very best in our field at what we do.

Dr. Alison Barulich

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Clinic Director

  • Joined the team: July 2013

  • Pets: 3 cats brought home from work (Sheldon, Leonard, and Hope the 3-legged/1-eyed diva), a spunky “Ozark special” shelter pup named Oliver, and a small flock of copperhead-killing chickens.

  • Hobbies: Trail running, weight lifting, hiking and exploring the Ozarks with our kids.

  • Favorite thing about the job: Having the opportunity to help our clients improve their pet’s quality of life through education and offering the best preventative care available. 

  • Did you know? Dr. Alison once completed a bicycle tour around Prince Edward Island in Canada.

Lacie Foltz, RVT

Team Supervisor
Registered Veterinary Nurse

  • Joined Team: September 2014

  • Pets: 2 dogs (Cricket the Morkie & the hairless wonder, Buddha), 4 cats (Felix, Little D, Ferris, and Trip), an opinionated African grey parrot (Alfie), and Spanky the Spur-Thighed Tortoise.

  • Hobbies: Camping, swimming, canoeing, spending time with family.

  • Favorite thing about the job: Interacting with our wonderful clients and their pets. “We have the nicest clients!

  • Did you know? Although Lacie has a fear of heights, at 5 years old she was the youngest ever bungee-jumper at the county fair. 

Amber Huggins

Pet Nurse
Weight Loss Coach

  • Joined the team: July 2020

  • Pets:  Macho, a sweet boxer/black lab mix; Mini, a pocket-sized chihuahua/miniature pinscher mix; and Rocket the cat, a fluffy mix of cuteness/attitude.

  • Hobbies: Reading/writing, playing video games, meditating, and spending time at the lake

  • Favorite thing about the job: Getting to know each patient’s personality and preferences, so that I know how to make their visits as stress-free and comfortable as possible. I love it when my fur friends are excited to see me the next time they come in!

  • Did you know? Amber loves ghost stories and all things creepy! She also enjoys learning about the histories of old lands and buildings to explore.


Kellie Walter, RVT

Registered Veterinary Nurse

  • Joined the team: June 2021

  • Pets: Colt, a young rescue dog, Casey, a senior Lab, and Stripes, a geriatric kitty.

  • Hobbies: Horseback riding, spending time at the lake, and hanging out with friends.

  • Favorite thing about the job: Helping manage interesting cases, nursing sick patients back to health, and always improving her technical skills.

  • Did you know? Kellie is double jointed in her elbows.

Noelia Maria

Pet Nurse

  • Joined the team: 2013-2015 then rejoined the team June 2022
  • Pets: A small herd of tiny, spunky Aussies–Cooper (teacup), Norman (toy), and Cisco (miniature).
  • Hobbies: Spending time with friends and family at our local lakes and creeks, reading, international travel.
  • Favorite thing about the job: Helping sick pets turn around and getting to see families’ reactions to great outcomes.
  • Did you know? Noelia did a solo, extended European trip at only 15 years old.

Jordan Stukenholtz

Practice Manager

  • Joined the team: July 2013

  • Pets: 1 dog (Oliver), 3 cats (Sheldon, Leonard, and Hope)

  • Hobbies: trail running, investing, following the Nebraska Cornhuskers & the Kansas City Chiefs, 

  • Favorite thing about the job: Making sure our staff has the tools they need to be successful

  • Did you know? Jordan has met Warren Buffett and is a huge fan of his.