Preventive Care Plan for Cats Agreement

    All Preventive Care Plans for Cats include two comprehensive wellness examinations and consultations with a Veterinarian, no more than one each of the following vaccinations (Respiratory/Panleukopenia, Rabies), an Interstate Health Certificate, Complete Blood Count, Intestinal Parasite Screen, and unlimited office visits and telehealth consultations. The Essential Plan ($21/month) also includes an essential chemistry panel and a 10% Out-Of-Plan Discount. The Outdoor Plan ($27/month) also includes a Leukemia vaccination, a FeLV/FIV Screen, and a 10% Out-Of-Plan Discount. The Optimum Plan ($36/month) also includes a complete urinalysis, thyroid screen, comprehensive chemistry panel, proBNP heart health screen, cPL pancreatitis screen, two blood pressure assessments, and a 15% Out-Of-Plan Discount.
    A credit card will be stored and encrypted during your visit. Your card will be charged the monthly fee on the first of each month.