Monarch Butterfly Waystation

Please check out our new Monarch Way Station, part of the Mayor’s Milkweed for Monarchs effort in Branson!

Why help butterflies? Every year, Monarchs have flown over Branson in their migration from Mexico to Canada, but 90% of their population has disappeared in the past 20 years. Monarchs, like bees, are great pollinators, which means they are critical for food production.

Female Monarchs only lay eggs on milkweed plants, which used to grow wild here but has been removed in favor of decorative plants, crops, and lawns. Bringing back milkweed helps bring back Monarchs!

Learn more here:

Thank you to Mona Menezes, Environmental Specialist for the City of Branson, for your help, to Ozark Soul Native Plants and Landscaping for supplying our plants (, and to our hardworking staff for coming in to plant a garden on the weekend!

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