Since the founding of the Animal Care Clinic in 1981, the Animal Care Clinic has operated in accordance with our 5 core values:

Alison Barulich DVM

Dr. Alison Barulich, Clinic Director

Competence – We will always strive to provide the highest quality veterinary care available. Our doctor and staff pursue well beyond industry-mandated continuing education to maintain an advanced level of medical expertise.

Compassion – Great veterinary care can only be delivered by a team of professionals that truly care about their clients and patients. Compassion for our patients and clients comes naturally to our staff, and is the reason we come to work enthusiastic and excited for each day.

Character – We treat people as we like to be treated, period. No excuses, no finger pointing, and no hassles. We are honest and straightforward with our recommendations, and the Animal Care Clinic practice values have been on display in the Branson community for over 40 years.

Consistency – In the fast paced, ever changing field of veterinary medicine, some things should never change. Courtesy, respect, kindness, helpfulness, high medical standards, and standing behind your work and the products you sell will always be the essence of who we are.

Community – We believe a successful veterinary clinic can be defined by its positive impact on the community. Service to the local community has been and will always be an essential component of Animal Care Clinic’s face and character.