1. This Contract (the “Plan”) is an agreement between Animal Care Clinic (“Provider”) and the person signed below (“Subscriber”).

2. The membership fee ($39 for one patient or $29 for each patient if multiple patients are enrolled) and first monthly payment are due immediately upon Subscriber signature. Plan becomes effective upon receipt of payment.

3. The selected plan covers the included services described below. It only covers services performed by Provider. Plan does not cover any fees for services intended to treat an illness or accidental injury.​

All Plans include two comprehensive wellness examinations and consultations with a Veterinarian, one Rabies vaccine, one
Respiratory/Pankleukopenia vaccine, an Interstate Health Certificate, Complete Blood Count, Intestinal Parasite Screen,
and unlimited office visits. The Essential Plan ($19/month) also includes a Basic Blood Chemistry Panel and a 10% Out-
Of-Plan Discount. The Outdoor Plan ($24/month) also includes a basic chemistry panel, feline leukemia vaccine, feline
leukemia screen, FIV screen, and a 10% Out-Of-Plan Discount. The Optimum Plan ($33/month) also includes a complete
urinalysis, a comprehensive chemistry panel, a thyroid disease screen, proBNP heart health screen, fPL pancreatitis screen,
two blood pressure assessments, and a 15% Out-Of-Plan Discount.

4. Plan shall be effective for one year beginning on the date payment is received. Plan will be automatically renewed unless canceled by either party with 30 days’ notice. No renewal fee will be charged.

5. Plan is not transferable and applies only to Patient identified below at the time of enrollment for as long as the patient is owned by the same subscriber. Services are included only at Provider.

6. If Subscriber cancels before any services are rendered, the entire amount paid for the current year will be refunded, minus the Membership Fee and 5% of all payments collected to cover credit/debit card processing and administration fees.

7. If Subscriber cancels after any services are rendered, Provider retains the entire amount of the membership fee and all monthly payments.

8. If Subscriber cancels after any included services are rendered, Subscriber will be liable to the provider for remaining installments for the year or the full amount of the standard price of services already rendered—whichever is less.

9. There are no refunds from any prior year.

10. Subscriber can pay Provider in full or opt to make automated recurring monthly payments. If paying in full, the membership fee will be waived.

11. Automated recurring monthly payments are to be made with a credit/debit card. Subscriber is responsible for notifying Provider if there are any changes to the credit/debit card including expiration of the card or address change.

12. If Patient dies or is transferred to another veterinary clinic after any included services have been rendered, Subscriber will pay the balance of payments or the standard price for services rendered—whichever is less.

13. Provider reserves the right to adjust monthly fees on any enrollment anniversary date and to cease to provide the plans at any time.

14. Unlimited Office Visits apply to regular office hours only. Provider reserves the right to charge additional fees if any treatment of Patient causes principals of Provider to work beyond regular office hours. Subscriber must schedule an office visit. At Provider’s discretion, Subscriber may be asked to admit Patient with Provider to provide care for Patient. In this case, Subscriber must allow at least 6 hours for Provider to care for Patient. At Provider’s discretion, a kennel usage and supplies fee may be warranted if Patient is admitted to Provider.

15. If Subscriber fails to pay any installment within 30 days of the due date, Provider may immediately terminate the agreement and/or declare all fees and remaining monthly payments due to year end immediately due and payable.

16. If Subscriber restarts any Plan after termination, Subscriber must re-apply and pay the membership fee.

17. If Subscriber fails to keep a scheduled appointment or cancels a scheduled appointment within 3 hours of the appointment, Subscriber may be subject to a $20 cancellation fee. Cancellation fee must be paid in order for patient to receive services from Provider.

18. All laboratory tests are grouped together and will be sent to our lab on the same day. If Subscriber prefers to have the tests separated, an additional charge may apply. If Provider determines additional procedures or sedation is required to collect lab samples or perform routine preventive care, an additional fee will apply.

19. Out-of-Plan Discounts do not apply to products purchased through our third-party online pharmacy provider. Out-of-Plan Discounts do not apply to therapeutic or retail diets.