Plan for CatsPreventive Care Plans for Cats, commonly referred to as wellness plans, are designed to easily promote your cat’s health and longevity. They include essential components such as vaccines to protect against common preventable infectious diseases, thorough physical exams, and proactive wellness lab profiles to screen for emerging health issues.

Plans also include free exams for medical issues and a 10% discount on most products and services outside of the Plan for a full year!

For senior and geriatric cats, check out the Optimum Plan for Cats. Consider the Essential Plan for Cats if your adult cat spends their time exclusively indoors. For adult cats that spend time outdoors with potential exposure to other cats with life-threatening infectious diseases, check out the Outdoor Plan for Cats.

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Remember, proactive care is better than reactive care and can significantly increase the quality and longevity of your cat’s life. Cats age more rapidly than we do, making preventive care visits a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. By detecting conditions early on, we can manage or cure them before they become painful or more costly.

At Animal Care Clinic, we live by the motto: “Adding years to their life… and LIFE to their years!” Let’s work together to help your cat enjoy a long, healthy, and comfortable life.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners recommends that preventive care examinations for all cats should occur a minimum of once yearly, and more frequently for senior cats and those with chronic conditions. Regular physical examinations allow us to assess your cat’s nutrition, lifestyle, environmental enrichment, and behavior, helping us prevent problems and address emerging issues proactively.

Plans include:

  • Membership Perks

    • Pets on a Plan receive FREE medical exams and a 10% DISCOUNT on most products and services outside of the Plan. Check out the FAQ to learn how Plans can save you money!
  • Physical Examination

    • Your cat will be examined by our veterinarian from nose to tail for tumors and signs of pain or arthritis. We will assess her overall appearance. Your cat’s heart and lungs will be listened to for abnormalities. Her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth will be evaluated as well.
  • Consultation

    • You’ll discuss medical history, behavior changes, lifestyle, nutrition, and environmental enrichment with our veterinarian. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and address any of your concerns.
  • Vaccinations

    • Vaccinations prevent several common bacterial and viral infections. All Preventive Care Plans for Cats include vaccination to prevent calicivirus, herpesvirus, panleukopenia, and rabies. If your cat spends time outside or otherwise has potential exposure to cats with life-threatening infectious diseases, a vaccine protecting against feline leukemia may be indicated and is included the Outdoor Plan for Cats.
  • Wellness Profile

    • All wellness profiles in the Preventive Care Plans for Cats include an intestinal parasite screen and a wellness blood screen. The Outdoor Plan for Cats includes additional testing for cats with potential exposure to other cats with life-threatening infectious diseases . The Optimum Plan for Cats includes additional testing for senior and geriatric cats.
      • Intestinal Parasite Screen
        • An intestinal parasite screen is included in our Plans. Intestinal parasites are common in cats. They can cause a wide range of symptoms, including diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, and anemia. Some types of parasites, including roundworms and hookworms, can be transmitted from cats to humans. Routine testing and monthly treatment protects your cat, as well as you and your family!
      • Wellness Lab Profile
        • Wellness blood and urine screens provide valuable information about your cat’s overall health and helps identify any underlying medical conditions. If the results are normal, the testing establishes a baseline while your cat is healthy. If completed on an annual basis, we can track results as your cat ages and spot potential health issues before they cause problems.

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