These Tri-Lakes HS cuties are way too cute for us not to share them! LIKE if you agree!

ANITA (pictured below) and her sisters JUNE & RUTH are ready to go home with you and do the “Neutron Dance”. And, if you know your “old school” music, then you know we are talking about the Pointer Sisters! On Christmas Eve, we got a call saying there was 3 puppies sitting under a tree by our driveway. Sure enough, we hurried down the hill and there these little cuties set, just waiting to be rescued! Anita, June & Ruth are Boxer mix puppies, and they are very sweet and very playful. They are 12 weeks old and are scheduled for their spay surgeries (pending good weather –keep your fingers crossed!) on January 18, so they’ll be ready for you to come an adopt them anytime on or after January 21. Get your dancin’ shoes on and be ready to dance and play with these little girls!

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