Today at the Animal Care Clinic

Today at Animal Care Clinic: Our high school volunteers helped set up decorations for tomorrow’s photo shoot; Hope, our homeless cat, was happy to assist. Peanut, our Umbrella Cockatoo foster parrot, found the file of our other patient named Peanut, and destroyed her name! Peanut also made time to visit with a Tri-Lakes Humane Society volunteer at our front desk. A young adult cat got spayed befor…e having any more litters of kittens (this is her ovaries + uterus). A newly adopted tomcat tested positive for FIV on our in-house Feline Leukemia/FIV blood test. A dog got a major dental overhaul — his mouth now smells and feels much better! His pre-anesthetic bloodwork even caught early liver disease in time for us to get on top of it before symptoms even had a chance to occur. And at the end of this busy day, Peanut was still around being adorable as usual.

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