We are now accepting ultrasound referrals for abdominal ultrasound exams from local colleagues! Our SonixOne ultrasound system features high resolution imaging and a 19” LED monitor ensuring high quality imaging.

Our ultrasound system enables us to receive real-time support and guidance by licensed sonographers. They can remote in to our system to assure us we’ve collected ideal images, videos, and measurements.

ultrasound referralWe will refer all ultrasound studies to boarded specialists with Oncura Partners for review and interpretation to assist with treatment planning. We will then forward this report on to the primary care veterinarian for follow-up patient care.  Our role would simply be to complete the ultrasound exam per the indications of the referring veterinarian. Both full abdomen and system-focused (i.e. hepatobiliary, urinary/renal) ultrasound exams are available.

Please consider prescribing gabapentin at 20mg/kg PO to be given 4 hours prior to the ultrasound exam. For a mild level of sedation, injectable butorphanol +/- midazolam are included in the pricing. If additional sedation or anesthesia is required to perform an ultrasound exam, additional charges will be necessary and will be discussed with the client prior to the exam.

Full abdominal ultrasound exam (first 70 images) with specialist interpretation: $488.00

Additional images on full abdomen, per 10 images: $45.00

System-focused ultrasound exam (15 images) with specialist interpretation: $398.00
(Hepatobiliary, Urinary/Renal, Splenic, GI/Distended Abdomen, Adrenal, Pancreatic, Thoracic)

Sonographer assistance, per 15 minutes (if warranted or specifically requested): $90.00
*If sonographer assistance is warranted, it is not optional.

Payment is to be made by the client upon discharging the patient.

Please fill out the form below to refer a case for ultrasound.