Patient #20 through our Community Cat Coalition project is not tame but she sure is beautiful! Our local animal control trapped this feral girl, brought her in for her spay procedure, and then she’ll be released as soon as she’s ready. She did great for her surgery and is recovering smoothly post-op this afternoon. Like the 19 kitties before her, her left ear was surgically notched as a visible sign that she’s been spayed. In case she ever gets trapped and sedated again, she also now has a tattoo on her belly as a secondary marker of her surgery.






Meet patients 18 and 19 for our Community Cat Coalition project! These two tomcats were brought in by our local animal control as part of our ongoing Trap-Neuter-Release project to help address the stray cat crisis in our area. Both boys did great for their surgeries, had their left ear tip surgically notched to make it clear they’ve been neutered, and received a rabies vaccination. They’ve already returned to the care of our friends at Animal Control where they’ll be held until their release date, as they are not good candidates for adoption.

Thank you so much to our donors for your support of this special project: Jim & Michelle Acheson, Dr. Laura McCann, Dr. Holly Wherry, Sherie Snider, Candace Harris, Laura Knight, Denise Ussery, Luanne & Jimmy Nosko, MaryAnn Rickets, John Andes, Doug Clifford, Wanda Howell, Doug Remmell, Linda Christian, Cheryl LaRose, and Gail Lesnasky. These surgeries wouldn’t be possible without your help!

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